About Us


McIntosh & Company is a hardworking team of cabinetmakers, designers, and woodworkers proudly located in Maine. Craftsmanship, quality, and collaboration is built into
everything we do.







High-end Craftsmanship, Maine Sensibilities

McIntosh & Company is is located in a 10,000 square-foot workshop in the Roy Hill Mill on Chestnut Street in Lewiston, Maine. We’re a down-to-earth team of skilled cabinetmakers, designers, and woodworkers who take great pride in our work and revel in artistic expression. Visit us and you’ll find a shop bustling with high-energy activity, music playing overhead, dogs lazing about, and the smell of sawdust in the air.

With over twenty years’ experience crafting high-end cabinetry, precision millwork, and creative furniture solutions for living spaces, we’ve built a reputation for delivering exceptional quality, and for being a professional and friendly team of skilled artisans.

We find inspiration in the collaborative process, the beauty of each unique grain of wood, and the art of woodworking and creation. Whether it’s custom kitchen cabinets, sprawling built-in bookshelves, or hideaway storage that quietly complements the aesthetic of your home or office, we bring an uncompromising dedication to getting it right.


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